My reddit story: the Android subreddit drama

       Reddit, who doesn't know Reddit ?
Reddit "The front page of the internet 🌐", the destination of persons interested in discussing ideas and asking questions and sharing project. after a tide, I decided to register on the platform to take a closer look 👀, and it's took me only a few minutes to become a member of the most important technology-related subreddit and the most importantly the Android subreddit ... and this was the beginning of the story.

A few days have passed since I joined r/Android, and the moment came when I decided to show one of my humble works to its managers, so they took advantage of my tutorial by presenting it on their subreddit to attract readers and get shares and comments.

I cannot hide my personal satisfaction 😊 that one of my works was accepted on one of the biggest subreddit.
It was only a few weeks that I decided to publish a new article, so I wrote it on my blog and I shared it with them “ Just like last time”. After a few hours I was surprised by the deletion of it and the ban from participating in the subreddit, without any prior notice or explanation, so I wrote to them wondering how posting the works of others is not spamming and publishing my own work that I am tired to prepare for hours and days is considered a spam...

And here appeared their poor communication 💬 and their weak arguments, an empty response from any explanation except invoking an unclear rule, forgetting that they live on the work of others like "parasites".

 And after they knew that I would not let them flee 🏃 with my previous work, which they benefited from it (shares, comments...), they muted me from contacting them but unfortunately for them, this can only be for three days.

 I was patient and I prepared for them a strong 💪 message and a frank response, and I concluded the message by telling them that I will not contact them again.

they responded as usual with a weak response and blocked me from contacting them again. This reflects their bad qualities and their denial of favor.

So after this drama 😭, I decided to publish my work on my own subreddit which I created recently, as I will not participate in "eating carrion 🦖" to attract fans like our story heroes do.

📣 What about becoming a judge and announcing your decision in the comments box?

Djalel Oukid

Science teacher, PhD student, Master degree in Microbial biotechnology , Microbiologist, designer, video editor, podcaster & blogger. linkedin portfolio github

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