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How to install Free Download Manager on Debian-based distros (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pop!_OS...)?

If you are a previous/current Windows user you might hear about Free Download Manager as a free opensource alternative to IDM. Previously FDM was only available on windows but recently the Team behind it make it available for Linux users. With plenty of choices you may have as a penguin user, The features-rich FDM  is a big addition to your apps arsenal. In this article, we will learn how to install it on a Linux system, specifically on Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu.

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FDM features

Free Download Manager is packed with many features:
  • Free & Opensource.
  • Cross-platform: It is available on Linux, Android, Windows and Mac.
  • Catchy interface. 
  • BitTorrent support: you can use it as your default torrent client too.
  • Excellent support for media files: "Preview audio/video files before download is completed and convert file format after download."
  • Download acceleration &  Resume broken downloads support.
  • Snail mode: free bandwidth without stopping the downloads.
  • Download scheduler.
  • Simultaneous downloading from several mirrors.
  • Zip files partial download & Several traffic usage modes option.
  • Multi language support (30 languages).

FDM installation 

The FDM's developers provide a pre-built package for Debian users which you can download from the official website. So let's start our lesson for today with the first step:
1. Download the deb file form FDM website.
2. After downloading the file, open a terminal window and change the current directory to the Downloads directory using the following command line:
cd Downloads (change "Downloads" with the name/path of your download directory) {codeBox}

3. List the files in this directory by using one of the most frequently used commands and copy the package name:
ls {codeBox}

Copyright: Linux-Tech&More
4. After copying the package name, install FDM using dpkg:
sudo dpkg -i freedownloadmanager.deb (paste the copied package name) {codeBox}

5. I know that you noticed something "dependencies are missing":
Copyright: Linux-Tech&More
  • But don't worry we are going to fix that:
sudo apt -f install{codeBox}

6. Now repeat the installation process and you will notice that it was completed without any error.
sudo dpkg -i freedownloadmanager.deb{codeBox}

7. Install browser integration extension: Firefox, Chrome.
8. Download some files and enjoy. 

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