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Finally, MEGAsync is live on Flathub!

For me, MEGA is the best free secure Cloud Storage that support Linux natively and strengthen your privacy fortress on the guilty internet world.

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My MEGA experience

I started using MEGA as my main cloud-storage in 2018, after trying many useless Linux third-party google drive client apps, for one reason official prebuilt package for most distros that you can download from the company website. However, this is not the only advantage MEGA has over Google cloud storage as, in addition to End-to-End Encryption feature, the team behind it really takes care of the penguin & opensource community by providing useful Firefox, Thunderbird and file manager extensions that makes your life even easier on your favourite distro. Furthermore, you can enjoy the integrated secure communication service.

You can exchange messages, share your files and have audio/video calls with MEGA’s end-to-end encrypted chat.  MEGA explains.
This was enough for me as an 😑 ex Google drive user. But by becoming a "distro hopper", I found my self looking for a unified MEGAsync (MEGA cloud storage client) package format that works the same on every distro. I launched my favourite web browser (firefox) to check if such a format exists. Oh my joy, this technology is just out there and it is free and open source, and is even available in more than one option: Flatpak and Snap. But unfortunately, the app was not available in their stores. 
On Feburary 2021, my dream came to life as Flathub team just added MEGAsync to the repository. I jumped to my terminal and installed it using a solely command line. After the installation completed, I started the app and everything just works. So, how to install MEGAsync Flatpak version on your Linux system?

Setup Flatpak

First you should setup Flatpak on your system following the official guide which you can find on Quick Setup page.

Install Megasync Flatpak app

Launch your favourite terminal app then paste the code below and hit enter:

flatpak install flathub nz.mega.MEGAsync{codeBox}

Run Megasync

After a successful installation process, you can run it from your app launcher menu or your terminal:
flatpak run nz.mega.MEGAsync{codeBox}


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That is all. Share with us your MEGA experience on the comment.

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