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AMD is finally coming to Starlabs, as StarBook is now available to order with Ryzen 7 (Review)

The past few years have seen several releases of PC for Linux users and the emergence of many startup companies specializing in building and selling Linux laptops. As a Linux user, I've experienced a lot of happy moments and news over the past decade, and today Starlab surprises us with something we've been waiting for: The StarBook laptop is "Now available to order with Ryzen™ 7".
You must be as excited as I am, but before you do anything crazy, I suggest you read my in-depth review of StarBook and the rest of this humble article. Anyway, if you're super excited, I'll leave a link to the official website at the bottom of this paragraph.

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More choice: AMDs Ryzen™ 7 5800U

The Starlab team has added a new option to the StarBook, making it one of the most customizable laptops ever, the AMD's Ryzen™ 7 5800U. What are the specs of the newcomer?
Zen 3 x86 (64 Bit support)
Processor Technology
CPU Cores/Threads
8 cores / 16 threads
Clock (Base/Turbo)
1.9GHz / Up to 4.4GHz
Cache (L2/L3)
4MB / 16MB
Power Consumption (Default/Configurable)
15W / 10-25W
Radeon™ RX Vega 8
Graphics Core Count
8 cores
Graphics Frequency
Up to 2000 MHz
Max. Temperature
Launch Date

Options Comparison

You now have three processor options: Intel® Core® i3-1220P, Intel® Core® i7-1260P, and AMD Ryzen™ 7 (that is, three options of integrated GPU as well), which can complicate your buying decision. So what would you choose? The comparison below can help you make the right decision.
The Ryzen 7 5800U uses significantly less power than the i7-1260P and i3-1220P, which means longer battery life and less heat.

Ryzen 7 5800U 7nm processor is more power-efficient compared to i7-1260P & i3-1220P 10nm processor.
In general, the higher the number of cores and threads, the better the performance. Productivity programs like kdenlive benefit more from multithreading, while most games benefit more from cores.
Instead of letting gaming be your primary concern, invest your time in what benefits you.
Generally, a higher clock rate offers better performance but generates more heat and vice versa. However, processor performance is not only determined by clock speed but also by architecture, amount of caches, etc.
The cache is a small amount of memory that is part of the CPU. It is a faster access memory than RAM because it is physically closer to the CPU. So the more cache the CPU has, the faster programs can run.
In most scenarios, the Ryzen 7 5800U delivers performance very close to the i7-1260P. What is striking, however, is that the red processor outperformed the blue one in the PassMark, Blender, and 7-Zip tests, even though the blue one had a more cache amount and a higher clock rate.
Equipped with integrated RX Vega 8 graphics card (5000), the Ryzen 7 5800U processor delivers very acceptable performance and low power consumption, even better than the Iris Xe G7 in most cases.
The base price for the StarBook i3-1220P is £778. To get the performance of the red processor (Ryzen 7 5800u), you have to pay an additional £214, which is £70 less than the cost of the blue i7-1260P processor, more than enough to get an extra 8GB of RAM (3200 MHz) or a 480 SSD Gen3 PCIe Over-Provisioned storage.

What did we learn (conclusion)?

Ryzen 7 5800U processor is a powerful addition to StarBook. It provides outstanding performance with lower power consumption, ensuring longer battery life and less heat, all for a lower price than its competitor, from the available options, i7-1260P.

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