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TUXEDO OS 2 is in the incubator, and it's being fed updates and improvements

Not a month had passed since I wrote about the first version of the TUXEDO OS until the company announced the availability of the TUXEDO OS 2 preview version, which comes with several updates. So what are these updates? And what will we get in the final version?
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Handpicked updates

The preview version of Tuxedo OS 2 provides several updates to various components of the operating system, including:
  • Kernel: TUXEDO-optimized kernel version 5.15.0-10052;
  • Graphics: Mesa stable 22.2.3;
  • Audio & Video: Pipewire 0.3.60 & Wireplumber 0.4.12;
  • Desktop environment: Plasma 5.26.3, KDE Frameworks 5.100, and Qt 5.15.7;
  • Installer: TUXEDO-calamares 3.2.60 revised version;
  • Software: Firefox 107.0.
The updates mentioned above may seem few, but they significantly improve the user experience that TUXEDO OS offers. Moreover, I presume we will see more updates and improvements in the final version.

Promises of the final version!

The company's developers seem to have read my Tuxedo OS 1 review, as they fixed most of the flaws I mentioned. The final release will ship with kernel 6.0, NVIDIA driver version 520, and an updated KDE desktop. It is worth noting that version 6 of the Linux kernel will enhance the user experience on TUXEDOcomputers devices, improving performance and fixing some hardware issues.

Participate in the development

If you want to participate in the development process (reporting bugs, sending feedback, etc.) or take a first look at TUXEDO OS 2 Preview, you can download the ISO image from the official website and boot it as a live system.

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