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Tuxedo OS, is it just another Ubuntu-based distro?

TUXEDOComputers has announced the first version of its new Ubuntu-based operating system that comes pre-installed on their Linux devices under the name Tuxedo OS 1. Of course, the new distro is an addition to the Linux community, but what makes Tuxedo OS different from Vanilla Ubuntu or other popular distros? Is it the perfect expected distro?

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Key features

Tuxedo OS is differentiated from most other Ubuntu-based distros by:
  • Independent Repositories (Mirrors): Unlike most distributions based on Ubuntu, Tuxedo OS uses separate repositories just like Manjaro does to make it easier to update the system, avoiding package conflict and providing optimized packages for its hardware.
  • Non-snap-ed: Tuxedo OS 1 comes with the native Firefox deb package instead of the Snap version. Also, it uses, by default, Flatpak instead of Ubuntu snap.
  • Modified Linux Kernel: To provide maximum performance on its devices, the Tuxedo team has optimized Tuxedo OS's Linux kernel for their hardware.
  • Stable drivers: In addition to the optimized kernel, Tuxedo OS comes with all the necessary drivers to ensure that all components of the device run smoothly and without problems. These drivers include Tuxedo-touchpad-switch, a Linux driver to enable and disable the touchpads, and the tuxedo keyboard, a kernel model for the tuxedo keyboard, keyboard backlighting, and general I/O hardware.
  • Stealth Assistant: Tuxedo has developed a small tool that silently provides services, updates, and fixes to TUXEDO devices, intending to ensure a seamless experience without disturbing the user with notifications or taking away a portion of his time and effort.
  • Solid Control Center: Tuxedo OS comes with a feature-rich control tool, Tuxedo Control Center, that allows you to control the device's performance by configuring the number of logical cores, fan speed, TDP, and processor frequency. In addition, it provides a set of customizable pre-set performance profiles.
  • Tuxedo chroot: Tuxedo OS is very stable, but like any other OS, it can get broken by deleting system files, formatting partitions, or copy-pasting an unknown command line. So, if your system won't boot, don't panic because the Tuxedo team has developed a repair function integrated into TUXEDO OS Live-ISO called TUXEDO Chroot that permits you to fix your system in an automated way.

Common pros

In addition to stability, Tuxedo OS shares with Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distros an organized base of over 60,000 Linux software. It also adopts the highly customizable and user-friendly KDE Plasma desktop environment instead of Gnome.
Moreover, the OS is open-source, as the source codes of all TUXEDOComputers drivers and software included in Tuxedo OS are available on GitHub.
Of course, we must mention the easy setup, the straightforward installation that Clamares provides, and the Linux high-level protection!

Perfection is highly desirable but elusive!

After this overdose of positives, we should take a moment to think about the imperfections. Like all Ubuntu-based distributions, you get old versions of applications, leading you to use PPA, especially if you are not a fan of Flatpak, which may break some packages and thus spoil the stability of the system.
In addition, you do not get the latest version of the KDE desktop or Linux kernel. Consequently, you miss out on the pleasure of new features, improvements, and fixes that may enhance your experience or even improve the performance of TUXEDO Hardware.
"A number of TUXEDO Computers' Linux laptops and Clevo laptops that have had keyboard and/or touchpad issues after system suspend cycles should be properly working now with Linux 6.0." confirms Phoronix.

Final verdict

In conclusion, Tuxedo OS offers an excellent experience, especially on TUXEDOComputers devices. However, it is not the perfect distro, and there is no one anyway. The TuxedoComputers team has the competencies to eliminate all current and potential OS cons by re-developing TUXEDO OS independently of other distributions.
Finally, you can try out Tuxedo OS by downloading it from the official website.

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  1. Is it possible to enable ubuntu pro to have 10y LTS on Tuxedo OS (not possible in other ubuntu-based ditros like Zorin OS) ?

    1. No, I do not think so. However, if you have a TUXEDO laptop you get direct support from TUXEDOComputers.

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