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COSMO JrTrack, a kid smartwatch that helps parents keep their kids safe

In a world of technology full of risks that threaten children's mental and physical health, no two sane people disagree on the need to protect children without depriving them of discovering the bright side of the world of technology. In addition, children are at risk of being lost or kidnapped. While we know this danger, we are also aware of the psychological effects of keeping kids indoors and ignoring their desire to move and explore. Therefore, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions that provides peace of mind to parents without depriving their kids of key technology advantages. COSMO's JrTrack is one such innovative solution.

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What is COSMO's JrTrack?

COSMO's JrTrack is a kids-friendly smartwatch or, say, phone watch. It comes with a pre-installed SIM card, a 1.4-inch LCD color touchscreen, a 0.2MB selfie camera, and many handpicked features.

Key features 

COSMO's JrTrack receives periodic hardware, software, and design updates. The current version is JrTrack 2 SE, and it has these key features:
  • All-in-one: JrTrack is a stand-alone phone with a dedicated phone number. Kids can use it to send text and voice messages, make calls to approved contacts, take photos, and record videos.
  • COSMO Membership: To activate the pre-installed SIM card and gets access to cellular service, COSMO offers parents three types of membership plans at affordable price. All three include unlimited calling, messaging, data, GPS, and full access to the Mission Control parent app. They also feature a 4G nationwide connection and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Plan Cost per month
Monthly $19.99
  • Unlimited 4G talk, text, & data
  • Device Insurance
  • Full access to Mission control
  • Seven (7) days/week customer support
6 Months $16.99
Annual $14.99
  • COSMO Mission Control app: JrTrack is fully parent-administered. The Mission control parent app (available for iOS and Android) allows parents to send text, photos, and voice messages to their kids, check their location, and set SafeZones, approved contacts, reminders, and distraction-free school hours.
  • GPS tracking: Cosmo JrTrack 2 SE offers impressive tracking features with three-point verification GPS tracking and history.
  • No open internet: Exposure to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and privacy and data breaches are common menaces of the internet. Accordingly, JrTrack does not have social media apps, games, or web browsing.
  • Modes: In addition to school mode, the watch also has an SOS mode that, when activated by double pressing the power button on the home screen, instantly notifies parents via the Mission Control app and begins live tracking. Also, on SOS mode, JrTrack automatically picks up calls without ringing, with the caller's voice muted, unless their child adjusts the smartwatch's volume, so parents know what's going on without revealing the call's presence (You can imagine how useful this would be with the increasing incidence of children abduction). 


Besides the aforenamed features, JrTrack comes with more pros:
  • IP67 water resistant: Dust and water resistance is essential in a device of this type, as it allows children to enjoy their childhood (playing with water and in the dirt) without fear of damaging their smartwatch.
  • Magnetic charger: The magnetic charging cables last longer than regular ones. They are more efficient and have less impact on the charging port.
  • Swappable light and comfy bands: The smartwatch has a comfortable fit velcro strap with three color options, which are red, blue, and black. Furthermore, COSMO provides more band colors and materials (silicone) options in their official store.
  • Additional goodies in the box: two screen protectors and two stickers
  • Extra features: To encourage healthy behaviors, JrTrack comes with a step counter (pedometer) to make walking and running more fun, with specific goals set by the parents for their kids to achieve;
  • 911 Calling option: By default, the 911 option is disabled. Parents can turn on the option from the smartwatch settings menu.
  • No unknown call: Only approved contact can call and text the smartwatch.
  • Phone support: Along with email and live chat support, COSMO provides phone support from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm;
  • Reliable device warranty: Children are very likely to lose or damage their smartwatches, so the JrTrack warranty, included in the membership plans, guarantees, in such cases, one replacement per year. Moreover, COSMO provides an extended paid warranty, which we do not recommend as it is pure gambling and a waste of money. (for more details, read our code of ethics)
  • Referral program: With Cosmo's referral program, you can get two free months on the monthly plan or two months refunded on prepaid plans with the opportunity of winning cash prizes.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & free shipping.


On the downside, JrTrack has some cons:
  • For USA customers only: Unfortunately, COSMO services are only available to US consumers. The company expressed its hope to expand its services to other countries, but hope alone is not enough.
  • No video calling: Currently, JrTrack does not support video calls. However, the COSMO team claims that they are planning this feature.
  • T-mobile coverage dependent: T-mobile coverage is good but not comprehensive, so limiting JrTrack to the T-mobile network is a defect that COSMO must fix by cooperating with other providers.
  • No shared membership plans: Each JrTrack smartwatch requires a separate COSMO membership, and customers can not use their existing phone plan. Yes, each JrTrack has a dedicated phone number, but providing a shared membership plan is possible and required, as not all parents have only one child.
  • 24-hour only battery life: As a father, I have responsibilities, and as a human being, I may forget, and these factors may make me forget to charge my kids JrTrack smartwatches at the end of the day, and therefore go out of power the next day when the kids are outside. In other words, the battery life needs improvement, which we hope will be in the next generation.
  • No Bluetooth: Bluetooth in a kid smartwatch is somewhat unnecessary, but having it is better than not. 

Is COSMO's JrTrack a practical option? (Final verdict & price)

JrTrack is an excellent device for kids. For an affordable price, it offers parents an effective tracking service and provides children with a safe first step into the world of technology. It needs some improvements, such as longer battery life and multi-network coverage. Yet, the JrTrack 2 SE is a solid option for children.
In conclusion, the current price of JrTrack is $90. You can use the exclusive "LINUXTECHMORE" discount code at checkout to get a 20% off. The code is valid for all COSMO products and services.

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