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How to compare images & videos on Linux?

How to compare images & videos on Linux?
As a content creator (I think I am), I often need to compare images after compressing them or changing their format to ensure their quality before uploading them to this humble blog. 
Manual comparison of images and videos is annoying, so we need a tool that makes such a process easy, and here comes the Identity app into play.

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What is Identity?

Identity is a free, open-source, and lightweight GTK4 app for Linux that you can use to compare multiple images in horizontal or vertical view (arrangement) or separate tabs. In horizontal/vertical view, you benefit from the same level of zoom and pan for a more accurate comparison, especially of similar images.

Identity arrangement modes
Identity arrangement modes

Identity plays video clips in sync, at the same time and zoom level, and in the same window.
You control video clips with a single seek bar, and you can switch between them using on-screen tabs or keyboard shortcuts (e.g., click 1 to switch to video one and 2 to switch to video two, and so on).Identity shortcuts
xTool D1 Pro

How to get Identity?

Identity is available as a flatpak package on Flathub.
You can Install it using the following command line:

flatpak install flathub org.gnome.gitlab.YaLTeR.Identity{codeBox}

What will you use Identity for?

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