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Ethics policy

These are our ethics and they are what we believe.

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When you tour this humble website, you may encounter "sponsored articles" in which you will find an explicit and clear notification informing you of this because we believe in the value of honesty.
Moreover, you should know that the ideas and opinions on the entire website, including the sponsored articles, are wholly mine and the sponsors have no influence over them.
Our values are not for sale. Accordingly, the Linux-Tech&More website does not have Google Adsense ads. It only contains carefully selected advertisements that comply with our principles and website content.
We receive many offers from time to time, but we reject most of these offers because they do not fit the website's policy and our ethical values.
In conclusion, I say I will not sell my soul for money.


All kinds of commercial insurance are kinds of playing with chances. They tell you, Pay this much money, then if this happens to you we will give you this much. This is pure gambling. Insisting on differentiating between commercial insurance and gambling is pure stubbornness that is unacceptable to any sound mind. The insurance companies themselves admit that insurance is gambling.
All forms of commercial insurance are fraudulent transactions aimed at consuming people’s wealth unjustly. The precise statistics calculated by one of the German experts state that what people get back of what has been taken from them is no more than 2.9%.
With regard to the claim made by some, that part of the premium (money paid to the insurer) is returned, this does not change anything and does not free insurance from the taint of usury (interest), gambling, transactions based on uncertainty, unjust consumption of people’s wealth and going against the principle of trusting in Allah, and other kinds of forbidden (haraam) actions. Insurance is deceit and confusion.

Examples of forbidden (prohibited) commercial insurance

  • Best buy Geek Squad Protection.
  • Extended warranty

Buying by installments

There is nothing wrong with buying by installments, whether you make a down payment or not, subject to the condition that the contract is free of any stipulation of penalties to be paid in the event of delay in paying installments, because such conditions come under the heading of usury (interest) which is forbidden.
It is forbidden for a debtor who can afford the installments to delay payment when they are due.
If the purchaser is late in paying the installments, it is not permissible to make him pay extra, whether or not this is arranged as a prior condition, because this is a form of forbidden usury (interest).
The vendor does not have the right to keep the purchaser’s property after the item has been sold, but it is permissible for the vendor to stipulate some security as a guarantee that the purchaser will pay the installments.
We should not be too lax on this matter, especially if there is no need for it, because buying by installments means buying with debt, and we should not be too lax when it comes to taking loans; rather we should not seek loans unless there is a need for it and it is essential.
The point is that if you are well off and you do not need the money you have, and you think it most likely that you will not need it in the near future, then it is better for you to pay cash and not to purchase by installments.

Examples of forbidden installment contracts

  • Best buy 12-Month Financing

Prime services: Amazon Prime as example

Amazon Prime service is a form of uncertainty and gambling.
As for uncertainty: because the subscriber pays an amount of money in order to obtain free or reduced shipping, if he buys a product that applies this service, and this reduction is unknown (he doesn't know how much its percentage). In addition, What you have as benefit is unknown (his true nature or its amount), and you may not use the Prime service, so you lose what you paid (annual fee). Also, you may buy several times and benefit from this service an unknown benefit to you at the time of the contract, and this is all a kind of ignorance and gambling.
With regard to gambling: because the transaction (service) involves an established fee and a potential gain, and this is the reality of gambling that is prohibited.

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