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How to Enable bootsplash on Manjaro?

If you use Manjaro and you like to have a harmonic and beautiful Linux system from boot to desktop, follow me as i will show you in this tutorial how to enable and configure the bootsplash screen on Manjaro. Let's go

  • Step 1. Install bootsplash-systemd and bootsplash-manjaro (or any bootsplash theme you like)
  • Step 2. Edit the mkinitcpio.conf file: sudo nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
  • 2.1. Find the HOOKS= line and add: bootsplash-manjaro (or the name of the theme you have chosen)
  • Step 3. Edit grub configuration file: sudo nano /etc/default/grub
  • 3.1. find the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= line : remove the quiet word and add at the end: bootsplash.bootfile=bootsplash-themes/manjaro/bootsplash (adapt according to chosen theme)
P.S: You can find the installed themes on the following path "/usr/lib/firmware/bootsplash-themes" {alertInfo}
  • Step 4. Regenerate the intramfs : (adjust command to the kernel you’re using ): sudo mkinitcpio -p linux419
  • Step 5. Finally update Grub : sudo update-grub
  • Step 6. Reboot and enjoy.

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  1. If I do sudo pacman -Ss bootsplash-manjaro, it doesn't find anything

    1. Welcome to your website.
      Try searching for it using a software manager (ex pamac-gui which is installed by default).
      Please watch the video for more informations.

  2. Does anyone have set this up together with luks encryption? The bootsplash-manjaro doesn't ask me for a password. I have to press ESC, then enter the password.

    1. Hello, I think bootsplash with luks encryption need a complete new tutorial which I will try to take care of it in the next few days Allah willing. We will try.

  3. how can I change the white manjaro logo to geen one for example or any other logo??

    1. Hi, you can do that by modifing or chaniging the logo file on the theme folder.

  4. Hej

    did you have a chance to look into LUKS for bootsplash? For the life of me I can not get it to work and everywhere on the internet people report issues and are unable to use bootsplash with LUKS.
    Manjaro wiki states that plymouth has been widely replaced by the usage of bootsplash however a bunch of people say that bootsplash doesn't even support LUKS and only plymouth does, so maybe the only way to get a nice LUKS boot screen is to use plymouth instead of bootsplash?

    Let me know your thoughts!

    1. Can you give it another try. It should support LUKS now.

  5. Use bootsplash-manager

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