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Monday, July 1, 2019

The best Kde package manager that can replace Synaptic

In linux you need an advanced package manager to:
  • Manage applications and libraries installed on your system to the package level.
  • Search, install and remove packages and inspect their versions and their dependencies.
In Debian based distributions (Debian-Ubuntu-Linuxmint ...), i installed Synaptic which is a GTK based app that do the job, but it's look ugly on Kde, so i searched for a Qt based alternative and finally i find a great tool.
The alternative tool is The Muon Package Manager which is a powerful package manager aimed towards the intermediate - power-user range. It offers complete control over your packages with an interface that still keeps usability in mind.
You can install it using the Discover software center. (see the video)

Let me know your opinions on the comments section.

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