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I love Opensource: My Favourite List of Open-source Alternative

In 2014, when I switched to Linux, I spent hours, days, and months looking for free and open source alternatives to commercial software. I watched videos, read articles, stories, and even comments during this challenging but rewarding time. It made me a more positive and happy Linux user. Now, after five years, I want to share my favorite list of open source alternatives, including distros, tools, and software, as a result of my humble Linux experience. 

The beginning was one day in the spring of 2014, when I decided to install Ubuntu. During the installation, I felt like a child waiting for their favorite gift. You can't imagine the smile and joy that came to my face after the successful installation. I restarted my computer to begin my new adventure.

I welcomed my new baby and gently used it, looking for defects to complete and flaws to fix. The most challenging part was finding alternatives to the software I used on Windows. Fortunately, the Firefox web browser was installed and ready to use, serving as my open source alternative to Google Chrome.

At that time, I was in my second year of university and needed to edit and write my research, which proved challenging during my transition to Linux due to my familiarity with MS Office. However, that didn't stop me from trying LibreOffice, which eventually became my favorite alternative. I spent hours discovering and learning it. To avoid missing Windows, I installed Microsoft Office 2007 using PlayOnLinux and divided the writing of my research between it and LibreOffice until I got used to the latter.

It's worth mentioning that my friends at the university and anyone who took a look at my laptop screen admired it, and curiosity prompted them to ask me many questions. I can't hide my feeling of excellence in those moments 😎.

When I was a Windows user, I had no interest in blogging. However, my move to Linux motivated me to create my first YouTube channel on April 26, 2014. I started looking for tools for blogging and broadcasting. After searching on the Ubuntu software center and the web, I installed Vokoscreen recorder, Kdenlive for video editing, and Audacity for audio editing. After a year of learning and discovering, I made my first Linux video, which was about installing Gnome 3.16 on Ubuntu Wily 15.10 (6.8Kviews).

This wasn't my last motivation, as my transition to Linux also motivated me to learn about 3D and image editing. I installed Gimp, Inkscape, and Blender, and dedicated several hours of my school days to learning them. Even today, the motivation is still going strong—thanks to Allah.

To avoid prolonging the story and boring you, I will now present a summary of my open source alternatives.

Category Commercial $ Opensource ♥
Operating system Windows Linux (Ubuntu/Manjaro/Solus...)
Web browser Google Chrome Firefox
Office suite Microsoft office Libreoffice
PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat Evince/Okular
Note application Keep note from Google Simplenote
Video editor Adobe premiere (I didn't use it) Kdenlive/Openshot (My first video editor)
Photo editor Photoshop Gimp
Antivirus software Kaspersky Clamav/clamtk (Gui)
Audio editor Adobe Audition CC (I didn't use it) Audacity (My first audio editor)
Screen recorder Icecream screen recorder OBS studio/ Vokoscreen/Simplescreenrecorder
System cleaner CCleaner Bleachbit
Media player Windows media player VLC
Audio player Windows media player Clementine (I said audio player and I did not say music player because I do not listen to music, but I use it to play other audio files)
3D editor 3ds Max/ Cinema 4D/ Maya (I didn't use them) Blender (My first 3d editor)

🗨 I hope you enjoyed reading my Linux story. Now, how about sharing your Linux stories in the comment box below?

Djalel Oukid

Science teacher, PhD student, Master degree in Microbial biotechnology , Microbiologist, designer, video editor, podcaster & blogger. linkedin portfolio github


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  1. One must love Free Software. Open Source is a scam.

    1. Opensource project are speeding the evolution of computer technology.
      Opensource is also the solution to get rid of corporate monopoly of software.
      To my knowledge, the most of freeware are scam (they use your data to make money so your privacy is the prize), not open source software.

  2. PDF forms are a deal breaker for many ordinary computer users. Many tax offices, universities, passport and visa applications require them. Neither Evince/Okular seem to be able to handle these properly. :(

    1. I have never dealt with them, so I can't make a judgment until I take a look at the opensource solutions currently available.
      Stay tuned for my response in the coming days
      At the moment you can read this helpful articl: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PDF,_PS_and_DjVu#Viewers
      I hope that i help you.

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