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The lightweight desktop environments champion version 4.14 is here !

XFCE is one of the best Linux desktop environments, its lightness, fast performance and High customization capability, made it very popular among Linux users, especially those with weak hardware.
Despite the slow development of the project, we are surprised from time to time with new and impressive versions that bring with it a lot of improvements and new features.
Today, after more than four years of development, the xfce team is giving the Linux community Xfce version 4.14 in a new look, which according to the news page of the official website. its main highlights is as follows:
  • Vsync supports, HiDPI support, improved GLX support with NVIDIA proprietary drivers.
  • A new default theme.
  • Improved window grouping in the tasklist plugin.
  • support for RandR's primary monitor feature.
  • A new settings dialog to manage color profiles.
  • Ability to save and restore complete multi-display configurations
  • Now, The splash screens from the session manager support  hybrid sleep,
  • Reworked pathbar for Thunar
  • "Do Not Disturb” mode
  • A New screensaver.  
  • The image viewer Ristretto gain support for setting the desktop wallpaper.
  • The pulseaudio panel plugin received MPRIS2 support.

For more detailed overview, you can read the Xfce 4.14 Changelog.

Xfce desktop is the current lightweight champion, so will it retain its title with this version?This is what we will know in the coming days , when it will implemented in many Linux distro such as Manjaro, MX Linux, Xubuntu...

📢 Share your opinion about Xfce and your expectations about the new version in the comments box below.

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