New features with each release, The Kde applications version 19.08 is here!

KDE is one of the best desktop environments for the Linux operating system that is particularly popular with customization enthusiasts.
The KDE development team makes sure to make it better with each release by adding a host of features and improvements.
As usual, the team announced today, the availability of KDE applications version 19.08, which carried a lot of changes and features, the most important of which is as follows:
  • Konsole's split screen.
  • Kontact's grammar, markdown and emoji support.
  • Spectacle's countdown progress bars for delayed screenshots.
  • Okular's expanded annotations.
  • Dolphin's new Bookmark system; Open content in New Tab; Auto play media files on hover.
  • Gwenview: View EXIF data from Raw files.
  • Kdenlive: change speed with Ctrl + Drag.

What feature did you like? And what Features you want to see in the next version?📣 Please, Share your answers in the comments box.
Djalel Oukid

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