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Linux-Tech&More QA: Episode 02: The "why" question!

        In the first episode, we got to know the anonymous operating system, and we gave a brief overview of it (for those who did not watch the first episode, you can watch it through the following link), and as we promised you to provide more episodes, we are happy to show you the second episode, which carries with it some modest surprises. enjoy watching.

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📣 Now, it's your turn to participate in the series, by answering the question asked at the end of the episode.
🗒 The  correct (creative) answer and it's owner name will be displayed in the next episode, Allah willing.
    Djalel Oukid

    Science teacher, PhD student, Master degree in Microbial biotechnology , Microbiologist, designer, video editor, podcaster & blogger. linkedin portfolio github

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