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Thursday, April 23, 2020

No ads campaign: Ads free experience

There is almost no ad-free website, where websites owners join ads services (ex: Adsence) to obtain financial income that helps them finance their works. But many of these ads show unethical or useless content especially if they are not carefully filtered.

In order to finance my project, I had to register in Adsense to monetize my blog. However, I am bothered about this, in addition to feeling tired and wasting time filtering ads. So I decided to create a campaign to cleanse the site of all ads.

What are the campaign details?

  • Name “Slogan”: Ad-free experience.
  • The aim: Provide technical and scientific content without annoying ads.
  • Funding source: Patreon (You can suggest a financing method and I will work to provide it, َAllah willing) 
  • With all transparency I have 0 patrons

When will the campaign start?

The campaign is launching now, and ads (all ads on my blog website) will be disabled When I reach $50 per month.

How do you participate in the campaign?

if you want to participate in the campaign then you only need to support my works on Patreon and get special rewards 🧧.

be part of the cleansing campaign!

📣 What do you think of the campaign? And will you participate in it?

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