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New promising Cloud Engineer Bootcamp from the Linux foundation

Start your new cloud engineering career today
Start your new cloud engineering career today

from: The Linux Foundation

In the last decade , the demand for Internet services has significantly increased, especially cloud services. As the demand for the latter increased, so did the companies ’need for cloud  engineers.
Many studies indicate that cloud engineering will become the most demanding "Job" in the market.
If you are interested or a beginner in cloud engineering , and do not want to waste time and money on courses that may not help, and as is known, most (if not all) of the Cloud servers are Linux-based, that is where Linux Foundation New Cloud Engineer Bootcamp comes in.
  • The Linux foundation bootcamp
Linux Foundation claims that it will prepare beginners to learn the most important skills required in the field of cloud engineering within 6 months. as you excepted the bootcamp starts with Linux at the operating system layer, and moves up the stack, covering DevOps, cloud, containers and more. To be more precise it include the following classes and exams:

Furthermore, students will get support via interactive forums and live video chat with instructors (Office Hours Every Weekday), and they can also build their own 6 month plan.
To complete the bootcamp in about six months, students should spend 15-20 hours per week on the materials. Upon completion, participants will receive badges for the LFCS and CKA certification exam, as well as a badge for completing the entire bootcamp. Badges can be independently verified by potential employers at any time.
It's not just another online course, This is what Kim McMahon, director of marketing, Cloud Native Computing Foundation highlighted  “As more engineers are seeking non-traditional forms of education, like online courses and bootcamps, they need programs that are reliable and that offer practical experience. The Cloud Engineer Bootcamp is a perfect way to certify their working knowledge of Kubernetes while also advancing their careers in the cloud native and open source communities.”
Start your new career today. The standard $999 bootcamp fee provides unlimited access to the course for one year including all content and labs. Through June 17, 2020 the bootcamp is being offered at an introductory fee of $599 with 30-Day money back guarante,  Bulk bootcamp enrollments for Enterprises are also available.

💰 In economics, this offer is unique, Because usually thousands of dollars are spent on a college degree with uncertain job prospects.

📣 What you think about the new Linux Foundation bootcamp?
Will you participate in the camp?

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