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Thanks to Linux: we are back with a new look and new adventures

We are back!

When I started blogging, my dream was to design my website template. It was not easy at all since my specialty (Microbiology & Biotechnology) was very far from programming fields, but I did not despair and started to learn little by little (HTML, JavaScript, CSS...), as a result, you are now browsing my new redesigned blog. This is just the beginning, as I finish designing, I'll go back to blogging. But what does this have to do with Linux?
  • Thanks to Linux
My switch to Linux improved my programming and technical skills, where with every day I spend on it, I learn something new. Moreover, My reading about open source Develop my blogging skills. Noting that the template coding and customization was done using open source software ( Kate text editor, Atom, Firefox inspector...).
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone who contributed from far or near to making this a reality.
Now, I leave you with a summary of template features:
  • New Logo.
  • New colors schema.
  • New responsive Menu.
  • Completely Redesigned Footer.
  • New Featured post, newsletter and recent comments widgets.
  • Full integration of Disqus comments system: I gave it a chance, but if things don't go as excepted, I have prepared an alternative (redesigned native comments system).
  • Improved load speed.
  • Redesigned cookies notification bar.
  • Some issues fixes.
  • Some little changes that you will discover when browsing the website.
  • And More are coming, Allah willing.

📣 Your comments and suggestions are appreciated, and will improve your experience on the website, so don't hesitate to tell me about it in the comments box.

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Djalel Oukid

Science teacher, PhD student, Master degree in Microbial biotechnology , Microbiologist, designer, video editor, podcaster & blogger. linkedin portfolio github

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