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Summer came: show your Linux love

Summer came: show your Linux love

Given that Linux and open source software are free and compete with monopolistic companies, they need financial, moral and media support. As is well known, the greater the Linux market share (the percentage of Linux users), the more companies will support it. One of the most important ways you can contribute to Linux support and development (of course after a financial donation) is advertising! But what does this have to do with Summer?
  • Show your Linux love
Many Linux fans show their love by affixing stickers on their computers and smartphones. This is in addition to the fashion of custom-printed shirts that have spread widely in the last decade, as today it is considered as one of the most important methods of effective advertising (price, cost-effectiveness...).
Summer, shirts, Linux ... What are you thinking about?  Yeah, as you expected it is Linux T-shirt time.
I recently designed some humble T-shirts and also collected a set of designs that impressed me and that I would like to share with you. have a pleasant shopping!
  • My designs

  • Designs that impressed me
📣 Do you think that wearing a Linux T-shirt is considered a successful advertising or at least will contribute to improving its market-share?
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