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Linux-Tech&More prospects: Let's discuss the future of the project.

Linux-Tech&More is my ambitious project, it is my little baby which I take care of it.

Old days

The beginning was really hard as the project didn't have any funding resources that allow me to maintain the website. My Linux passion was the only thing that keeping this little baby alive.

Also, I was a very "noobish" blogger, I didn't even know how to use "the ugly blogger platform". In addition, coding was a big dream for me. My coding knowledge was "a big Zero", don't blame me please, I was studying Microbiology/Biotechnology so I didn't think that one day I will need to code.


However, today, I am really optimistic about the future of Linux-Tech&More for many reasons. First of all, I just got my first coding certificate, yes, now I'm a certified HTML/CSS developer, and the dream became reality. Second, the website audience is growing. We should say that: a website without a loyal audience is "a walking dead". And finally, my design and video editing skills are really improved.

Prospects & Future plans

Although the lack of funding resources and the excessive preoccupations, I try to keep things excited and my Linux/opensource passion alive by creating a well organized Roadmap.

  • We will focus on reviewing Linux&Tech related items (Laptops, PC, Printers, Accessories...)
  • I will try to accelerate the "Switched to Linux books" production to help more and more windows/mac users in theirs "Linux journeys".
  • Taking a full control over my website by switching to WordPress: in the few last month I decided to switch to WordPress, but this step need to be taken carefully, as I don't want to switch to a low-cost/low-quality hosting plan that will reduce significantly the website performance. Indeed, you can contribute to the acceleration of this process by supporting Linux-Tech&More on:
  • Making the website as opensource as possible: finding open source services for any website is really a hard job, but we will try.
  • Creating a complete Linux online course. 
  • Coding a helpful Linux-Tech&More application.
  • I will spare some time for writing about Sciences: As a science teacher and a biotechnology PhD, this will be very "motivating".
  • Making some contracts with officials stores to bring you some Linux deals: You know that not all types of hardware on the market works properly with Linux, so this will help you saving some 💰 on your next purchases.
  • We will trying hard to be active on social media platforms, so I will be waiting for you there.
We still at the beginning, so your suggestion, ideas or even "your kindly word" will be really appreciated.
Djalel Oukid

Science teacher, PhD student, Master degree in Microbial biotechnology , Microbiologist, designer, video editor, podcaster & blogger. linkedin portfolio github


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  1. Good luck and may this blogbe as successful as it can be.

    Hishem HABIEB

    1. Thank you my brother for your kindly comment.
      We hope so.

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