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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Buy a Linux laptop: Star Labs laptops review (updated 2020)

Linux users often face many difficulties, the most important of which is to find a computer that is compatible with the distribution they use, so that they enjoy using their preferred system without the headache of search for solutions and fixes that may be ineffective or useless.
Fortunately, after the increased use of Linux in the technical environment, some companies have begun to design and manufacture special computers that are compatible with the Linux system.
Today we will review the products of one of the famous companies in the manufacture of laptops that are dedicated to Linux, which is highly efficient and which It has been in great demand in recent years.
So, are you looking for a compatible pre-configured Linux laptop? to enjoy using it without worrying about hardware drivers, this is your lucky day as i have some amazing offers for you, The Starlab Linux laptops. Come take a look.
Their laptops come in two models: the top model and the lite one “for Mini laptops lovers”, the two have Linux pre-installed and configurrd for you. Now we will address the characteristics of each copy as well as the pros and cons of these Laptops. Let’s go.
  • Star Labtop
Powerful you have become

Star LapTop

Update: Now, you can choose your pre-installed distribution: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro or Zorin OS, Elementary Os, MX Linux.

  • Star Lite 
For mini laptops Lovers
Star LIte

Update: Now, you can choose your pre-installed distribution: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro or Zorin OS, Elementary Os, MX Linux.

  • Our impression 
In summary, the Star Labs laptops can handle most tasks that you require as a Linux user, and is a highly rated Linux laptop. Fast, efficent and easy to set up, with some cons that can be ignored, but they should devotes some attention to its in the future versions as it gives us more choices “freedom” as Linux users.

Most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend this Laptops to others.
In general, Star Labs is one of the best laptops available for Linux users, which can and should become even better.

  • Shopping Time
Star Lite
Star LapTop
StarLabs Tshirt

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  1. You didn't mention the prices, which makes these specs hard to evaluate.

    Also, if you click on one of the spec tables, it closes this window, and loads the table, but there is no way to get back to this page. Super annoying. Fix that.

    1. First, welcome to my blog and Thanks for your comment and your suggestion.
      Second, I'm sorry for the inconvenients.
      In order to be honest and clear with you, mentioning the prize is contrary to the policy of Amazon Affiliate, which may lead to the ban of my account because the price is constantly changing. So please to see the price scroll down to the shopping box when you can find the prize, I hope this solves your problem.
      For the table problem; If you are using a computer, just press Esc or out of the picture to get back.
      If you are using the phone, simply touch the screen outside the picture frame.
      Alternatively, If the option to open the image in a new tab helps you or good for you, tell me and I will activate it for you.
      Finally, I hope that I have answered all your questions, and I'm sorry again.

    2. The article is updated and it includes price now.