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Linux Apps Tour: TUXEDO Control Center, a tool to easily control TUXEDO computers!

This article is the beginning of a new promising series through which I aim to shed light on Linux applications that offer distinctive and unique additions and features to Linux users. The start will be with the TUXEDO Control Center application (TCC), which provides many control options on TUXEDO computers, one of which we reviewed in the past few weeks. So what is TUXEDO Control Center? What are the options and features that it provides?
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What is TUXEDO Control Center (TCC)? 

TCC is a user-friendly tool developed by the TUXEDOComputers team to help you control and configure your TUXEDO hardware. It features a simple and modern UI with a straightforward menu and navigation.
Image credit: Linux-Tech&More

Tuxedo Control Center is constantly updated to fix bugs, improve performance or add new features. The TCC currently supports only German and English. However, I do not rule out that they will add other languages in the future.
Also, if you are interested, the Windows version is available with a different interface and menu. Surprisingly, the Linux version offers more options and features than the Windows one.
TUXEDO Control Center Windows version (Image credit: Linux-Tech&More)

What are the features and options offered by Tuxedo Control Center?

TTC features and options are grouped into two main categories: Dashboards and Settings Profiles.
The dashboard provides a real-time overview of CPU and GPU usage, clock rate and temperature, and the currently active profile.
TCC Dashboard (Image credit: Linux-Tech&More)

You can consider the dashboard as a System monitor.
The TCC provides you with four editable pre-set performance & settings profiles: "Powersave extreme, Quiet, Office & Multimedia, and TUXEDO Defaults."
TCC pre-defined profiles (Image credit: Linux-Tech&More)

It is worth noting that you can assign a specific profile to battery power mode and another to AC mode.
If you like to play with the settings, you can create a new profile where you can configure: the number of usable logical cores, the minimum and maximum frequency, and the TDP of the processor.
TCC Custom Profile and Fan Tables (Image credit: Linux-Tech&More)

Moreover, you can set a fixed brightness level, and control the fans' speed, thus cooling behavior, by selecting one of five pre-defined fan tables: "Silent, Quiet, Balanced,
Cool, and Freezy."

Extra options and features!

In addition to the default light theme, a dark theme is also available for those who care more about their eyes' health (My eyes feel sensitive when using light themes. What about you?)
Image credit: Linux-Tech&More

Also, you can control the battery charging behavior on the "Battery charging options" section on the setting page.
If you use disk encryption, you can easily change the encryption password using the "Change Crypt Password" tool provided by TTC.
Image credit: Linux-Tech&More

Last but not least, the support section is available if you need help with your TUXEDO notebook.
Image credit: Linux-Tech&More


  • You may get additional options depending on your TUXEDO device model.
  • You can install TCC on non-TUXEDO laptops, but compatibility and functionality are not guaranteed.
📣What feature or option would you like to be added to TUXEDO Control Center? Tell us in the comments.
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  1. TCC as a flatpak would be ideal for immutable OSs like OpenSUSE MicroOS or Fedora Silverblue

    1. It will be a good addition. Maybe we'll see this soon.

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