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Linux-Tech&More Weekly Roundup (October 22, 2023): Ubuntu 23.10, VLC 3.0.19, ONLYOFFICE 7.5, Arch Linux October ISO, and KDE Plasma 6 Release Schedule

Linux-Tech&More Weekly Roundup (October 22, 2023)

I've often contemplated the idea of curating a weekly roundup, dedicated to showcasing the latest developments in the Linux, open-source, and tech sectors. This week, I finally decided to take the plunge and embark on this new venture. The past week was nothing short of exhilarating, with a multitude of releases and breaking news. So, without further ado, let's kick off this exciting new series!

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Ubuntu 23.10 Hits the Streets

Ubuntu 23.10 Hits the Streets

Ubuntu 23.10 is a short-term release with nine months of support, paving the way for the upcoming LTS release, Ubuntu 24.04. Under the hood, Ubuntu 23.10 is powered by the latest Linux kernel 6.5, meticulously optimized for both desktop and server environments. 

This release features zstd-compressed modules that significantly improve boot times. Additionally, the new kernel delivers a notable performance boost for AMD Zen 2 and newer processors, thanks to the AMD P-State EPP driver. 

It also enhances security with the implementation of a new AppArmor and Stacking LSM patch set. On the surface, Ubuntu 23.10 showcases the Gnome 45 desktop environment, marked by a dynamic workspace indicator, a preinstalled Tiling Assistant extension, and substantial refinements to Nautilus, the file manager, and system settings. 

The sluggish Gnome Software has been replaced with a new Flutter-based App Center, featuring an appealing design and enhanced performance. 

In terms of software updates, Ubuntu 23.10 brings a plethora of upgrades, including, but not limited to, Firefox 118 (in the Snap package format), Thunderbird 115.2, LibreOffice 7.6.1, PipeWire 0.3.79, and Mesa 23.2.1. 

It's worth noting that the 'minimal install' option is now the default choice.

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VLC 3.0.19 Gives an Advantage to Windows

VLC 3.0.19 Gives an Advantage to Windows

VLC has long held its reputation as the premier free and open-source multimedia player, and I'm sure we can all agree on that. 

With the release of version 3.0.19, VLC brings forth a slew of new features and enhancements, with most of the noteworthy additions being exclusive to Windows users. 

The new release introduces support for Super Resolution scaling, a feature compatible with select Nvidia and Intel GPUs. Windows users can activate this feature from the Advanced Settings > Output Modules section. 

Super Resolution scaling employs AI upscaling to enhance the visual quality of your videos. In simpler terms, it allows you to watch lower-resolution videos on high-resolution displays with a touch of AI-powered enhancement. 

Additionally, Windows users benefit from out-of-the-box AV1 hardware decoding, enabled by default – quite a stroke of luck. 

Moreover, VLC 3.0.19 enhances AV1 HDR software decoding, FFmpeg-muxed MP4 chapter and AAC handling, MPRIS mechanisms, and the playback of numerous formats. These improvements are available to users on all platforms, including Linux.

ONLYOFFICE 7.5 Introduces New Editor

ONLYOFFICE 7.5 Introduces New Editor

ONLYOFFICE, an open-source cross-platform office suite, stands as a robust alternative to Microsoft Office, offering a comprehensive suite of tools covering document editing, spreadsheet management, presentations, and form creation. 

In its latest release, version 7.5, ONLYOFFICE introduces an impressive feature set, notably a brand-new PDF editor. This freshly integrated PDF editor is equipped with an array of capabilities, including support for annotations like text highlighting, underlining, and strikethrough. 

It also enables form filling, offers a comment feature, and allows users to express their creativity through drawing directly on the PDF document. 

However, it's worth noting that the PDF editor doesn't have its own dedicated icon in the app menu sidebar, so to access it, you'll need to open your PDF file through the file manager. 

But that's not all – version 7.5 comes with a multitude of enhancements. It introduces support for the SVG image format, allows for interface scaling beyond 200%, and enhances accessibility by adding support for screen readers. Additionally, ONLYOFFICE now offers the ability to open password-protected files. 

Furthermore, version 7.5 watches out for users by warning them when attempting to close the application with multiple files open.

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Arch Linux: October ISO Makes Installation Easier

Arch Linux: October ISO Makes Installation Easier

Just as clockwork, Arch Linux continues its tradition of releasing a new ISO file each month, packed with the latest updates from the preceding month. 

The October ISO is no exception and comes bearing gifts. Among these, it introduces the latest Linux kernel version 6.5.7. Notably, the Arch installer, which has been evolving at an astonishing pace, reaches version 2.6.3 in this release. It's worth mentioning that it now supports customizing the number of parallel downloads. 

Furthermore, users can opt to employ the Ly Display Manager for a visually pleasing experience! And for those who favor Slick-Greeter, this release offers compatibility with the LightDM login manager. 

The Arch installer's updated iteration also extends its support to loop devices. The new version also includes pre-configured default applications for Hyprland, a wlroots-based dynamic tiling Wayland compositor, namely Kitty, Dolphin, and Wofi. 

Besides, the Arch installer fixes the detection of the correct ESP (EFI System Partition) and supports setting mount points on existing partitions. And, as with any update, it brings along an array of bug fixes, typo corrections, and various other enhancements. 

Installing Arch Linux has become smoother than ever, although some may miss the challenge it once posed! 😄

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KDE Announces Release Schedule for Plasma 6

KDE Announces Release Schedule for Plasma 6

In all fairness, KDE Plasma stands out as one of the finest desktop environments available today. While the development of its sixth major release commenced some time ago, its release schedule had been somewhat uncertain. 

Today, we can provide you with essential dates to mark on your calendar, including the releases of the alpha, beta, and RC versions, and, most notably, the highly anticipated final release. 

The Plasma 6 alpha is set to debut on November 8th, followed by the first beta on November 29th and the second beta on December 20th. January will be a significant month for KDE enthusiasts, with both the first and second release candidates scheduled for January 10th and January 31st, respectively. 

Finally, on February 28th, the long-awaited final release of Plasma 6 will arrive, built on QT6, promising a plethora of quality improvements and exciting new features.

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