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ONLYOFFICE v8.0 Unveils Bidirectional Text, RTL Support, and a Host of New Features

It is gratifying to witness the continual evolution of free, open-source office suite software, offering robust alternatives to Microsoft Office.

In today's blog post, we explore the eighth iteration of OnlyOffice, unveiling long-awaited features. Moreover, numerous enhancements have been introduced and will be detailed in the following lines. Without further delay, let's highlight what is new in OnlyOffice version 8.0.

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What is new in ONLYOFFICE 8.0?

Discover the recent updates introduced in ONLYOFFICE 8.0, a release that brings significant enhancements to document editing and collaboration. From the introduction of bidirectional text support to refined forms capabilities, the evolution of spreadsheets, and improved user interfaces for plugins, this version addresses various aspects.

Initial RTL & Bidirectional Text Support

Finally, the moment we've been waiting for has arrived with the latest version of OnlyOffice. Version 8.0 marks a significant leap forward, introducing support for RTL (Right-to-Left) and Bidirectional Text. However, it's essential to note that this support is currently partial and comes with some limitations. 

While I can now begin editing documents in Arabic, there are still some aspects of RTL-based scripts that I cannot fully enjoy in OnlyOffice. Nevertheless, I appreciate the strides made, and I anticipate these limitations to be addressed in future releases.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making this feature possible on OnlyOffice. Your efforts are truly appreciated. Thank you.{alertWarning}

Evolved Forms Capabilities

With this release, OnlyOffice has transitioned from the old OFORM format to the more modern PDF format, ensuring compatibility with OOXML standards. To facilitate this transition, a dialog box has been introduced to convert legacy OFORM files to PDF seamlessly. 

You can now effortlessly create and customize intricate fillable PDF forms using DOCXF templates, offering flexibility in modifying text with various styles and formats. Collaboration on forms within a team is also streamlined. Additionally, this version introduces a series of tips for handling DOCXF files. 

Excitingly, the OnlyOffice team promises further enhancements in upcoming releases, including new fields, role-based form filling, field navigation, signatures, and more.

Novelties for Spreadsheets

While all editors benefit from various features and improvements, the Spreadsheet Editor stands out with some remarkable additions in Version 8.0. 

The introduction of the new Goal Seek feature, accessible from the Data tab, is particularly noteworthy. This feature allows you to find the appropriate formula by entering the desired result, a time-saving advantage especially valuable in my role as a teacher, where time is of the essence for research.

Another standout addition is the Series feature, unveiled in this version. It enables the quick creation of numerical sequences by selecting a cell region and replicating it throughout other cells. This proves to be highly beneficial when dealing with large datasets, efficiently expediting data entry. Don't forget to access this feature directly from the home page by clicking on the Fill icon.

To further alleviate your workload, a wizard feature has been incorporated for inserting charts. It presents a list of recommended charts and previews based on the provided data, easily accessible from the Insert tab.

Last but not least, OnlyOffice 8.0 introduces the capability to center spreadsheets both horizontally and vertically before printing, offering added convenience to users.

Revamped User Interface for Plugins

No matter how integrated Office Suite is, the need for additional components persists due to diverse user requirements. 

Now, with OnlyOffice 8.0, you can seamlessly use multiple plugins simultaneously, thanks to the organized and easily accessible buttons for running plugins in the left panel. 

System or background plugins can also be accessed from the header menu in the Plugins tab, allowing you to effortlessly switch between tasks such as translating texts, checking grammar, and creating reference lists.

Another notable feature is the ability to view new additions in each plugin version through the Plugin Manager in the Plugins tab. 

For those interested in exploring all the current plugins available for OnlyOffice, the Plugin Marketplace has also undergone various updates.

Enhanced Collaboration Usability

To infuse a touch of fun and visual flair into the collaborative experience of ONLYOFFICE, the latest version brings forth the option to include user avatars. This feature not only adds a personal touch but also makes it easier to identify contributors to a file.

Also, special mention goes to the upgraded left panel, now more adept at managing comments within the document editor.

Security Bugfixes & Performance Optimization

In an ongoing commitment to bolster security, the developers of OnlyOffice have addressed critical vulnerabilities in this version. These include rectifying issues such as preventing unauthorized operations on the client's device during HTML to DOCX conversion and blocking attempts to add third-party audio files when converting PPT to PPTX. 

Moreover, you will appreciate a significant performance improvement, with a notable uplift of up to 20 percent compared to the previous version, particularly evident when dealing with large files during document creation or opening.

How to get ONLYOFFICE 8.0?

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Whether you prefer local document editing or the collaborative power of an online platform, OnlyOffice offers two distinct options. OnlyOffice Desktop, a cross-platform desktop application, provides the latest features for efficient local editing, while OnlyOffice Docs facilitates seamless online collaboration and can be self-hosted.

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If you seek more features and enhanced support, you have the option to explore cloud-hosted OnlyOffice Docs by opting for one of their paid plans.

🗨Which feature from version 8.0 caught your attention the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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