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My In-Depth Handbook for the Finest Black Friday & Cyber Monday Linux Bargains

The season of deals is once again upon us, and for Linux enthusiasts like us, it's a golden opportunity to elevate our Linux experience.

Whether you're eyeing a sleek new laptop, Linux smartphones, powerhouse processors, secure cloud storage, dependable hosting, enlightening courses, or top-tier VPN and email services, consider this guide your go-to resource. So, without further ado, let's delve into the ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday Linux deals directory. Let the deal-hunting begin!

I will strive to maintain the relevance of this article by continuously updating it with fresh deals and removing any that have expired. Be sure to bookmark this page and revisit it for the latest offerings.{alertSuccess}

Disclosure: Please note that this Blog contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you.{alertInfo}

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Linux-Tech&More Shopping Tips:
  1. Only purchase items you genuinely need, even if the discount is significant. Avoid unnecessary expenses.
  2. Ensure the discounts are legitimate; some sellers might raise prices shortly before the discount season to create a false sense of savings. Stay vigilant and verify prices.{alertWarning}

Linux Hardware

This section is exclusively devoted to Linux-compatible hardware deals, showcasing a variety of items, including notebooks, smartphones, monitors, accessories, and more.


In recent years, the frustration of using laptops and desktops not designed for Linux has shifted dramatically. Today, specialized companies are emerging, dedicated to crafting and selling devices tailored exclusively for Linux users. 

These companies offer deals and discounts that are just as valuable as those provided by major international brands.

TUXEDO Pulse 14 - Gen3

The TUXEDO Pulse 14 Gen3, currently available for pre-order at a discounted price, is a Linux laptop that boasts a slim aluminum chassis and a range of versatile ports. Powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS CPU, this laptop offers a compelling combination of style and performance

{getButton} $text={Pre-order TUXEDO Pulse 14 - Gen3} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

For more in-depth information, you can read my blog post about The TUXEDO Pulse 14 Gen3.{alertWarning}


Star Labs, a reputable UK-based Linux hardware manufacturer, presents a special Black Friday deal with a 20% discount on their premium Linux notebook, the Starbook. This sleek and modern laptop, featuring customizable options with Intel® Core® i3-1315U, Intel® Core® i7-1360P, or AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800U, delivers impressive performance and boasts up to 14 hours of battery life. 

{getButton} $text={Get 20% Off on StarBook} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

You can check out my detailed review of this noteworthy device to make an informed decision.{alertWarning}


This year, Slimbook, the renowned Spanish company dedicated to Linux hardware, is offering noteworthy discounts on its diverse product lineup, featuring both laptops and desktops.

{getButton} $text={Save Now on Slimbook} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}


Unlike the Linux laptop market, the Linux smartphone market remains quite limited, with only a handful of options available. However, this hasn't stopped companies in this niche from providing significant discounts and compelling deals.

Librem 5

In this year-end sale, Purism, a pioneer in privacy and security-focused hardware, offers a $350 discount (with the code L5SALE23) on the Librem 5, the most secure phone. This device runs on PureOS, a fully open-source operating system independent of Android or iOS. 

{getButton} $text={Save 350 USD on Librem 5} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}


Mobile Pixels

Mobile Pixel offers an extensive selection of portable monitors that add extra pixels to your laptop, boosting your productivity. This year, they are running a substantial discount promotion, offering up to 60% off.

{getButton} $text={Get Extra Pixels - Up to 60% Off!} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}


Accessories cover a wide range of products, ranging from luxurious to essential, and each has the potential to greatly enhance your Linux experience. 

Therefore, it's not surprising that accessories receive a significant portion of discounts during every sales season, ensuring that you can optimize your setup at a great price.


As a renewable energy company, Renogy provides a suite of innovative solutions such as Portable Solar Panels and Power Stations, empowering Linux enthusiasts to reliably power their devices in the great outdoors. This Black Friday, they're offering discounts of up to 55% off, along with a special gift with purchase.

{getButton} $text={Power On The Go - Up to 55% Off!} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

For a detailed insight, refer to my comprehensive review of Renogy's solutions and products.{alertWarning}


ACASIS, a tech accessory provider, offers a range of products like HDD/SSD enclosures, docks, hubs, capture cards, and more for computer and smartphone users. 

Designed to cater to tech enthusiasts, these accessories aim to enhance computing and storage experiences. With Black Friday deals providing up to 50% off, it's a great chance to improve your tech setup with quality accessories that balance innovation and affordability.

{getButton} $text={Shop Acasis Deals - Up to 50% Off!} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}


UGREEN, a renowned tech accessories brand, presents a diverse range of products, including cables, chargers, adapters, and more. 

This Black Friday, they are offering attractive discounts on their lineup, making it an opportune time to enhance your tech arsenal with reliable and efficient accessories. Save up to 70% and upgrade your tech setup without breaking the bank!

{getButton} $text={Explore UGREEN Discounts - Up to 70% Off!} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

Linux Software & Services

After making the switch to Linux, I initially faced challenges finding software and services (like cloud storage, email, VPN, and others) that seamlessly supported the platform or provided viable alternatives to those used on Windows. Fortunately, over time, substantial improvements have been implemented. 

Today, the worry of compatibility issues is a thing of the past, as most of these services come equipped with dedicated Linux clients, offering a user-friendly interface without the need for any command-line interactions.

Cloud Storage

When entrusting your data to the cloud, it's crucial to opt for a service that is not only reliable and secure but also transparent and respectful of your privacy. After all, your data is an integral part of your life. While the market is saturated with cloud storage providers making privacy claims, only a handful genuinely live up to these assurances. In this section, I'll exclusively highlight cloud storage services that, in my opinion, genuinely prioritize privacy and offer essential safeguards for our data.


Established in Switzerland in 2013, pCloud stands out as a secure and encrypted cloud storage option. With a user-friendly GUI client and native Linux support, it effortlessly integrates into the Linux environment. 

Until November 30, 2023, pCloud is offering significant discounts of up to 85% on their LIFETIME plans. It's an opportunity to enhance your data security with a reliable cloud storage solution at an exclusive rate.

{getButton} $text={Secure Your Data with pCloud – Up to 85% Off Lifetime Plans!} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}


Internxt is a notable player in the realm of encrypted cloud storage, offering an open-source solution with transparency both on the server and client sides. 

Packed with security features like zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, Internxt prioritizes user privacy. Its decentralized architecture, coupled with a user-friendly interface and native Linux support (you can explore more in my in-depth Internxt review), makes it a compelling choice. 

This Black Friday, they're extending an exceptional 91% discount on annual plans.

{getButton} $text={Get 91% Off on Annual Plans} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}


The VPN market has experienced exponential growth, driven by major companies' insatiable appetite for users' data. As the options multiply, making a choice can become challenging. 

In this section, I'll streamline the selection process by highlighting deals from VPN services that prioritize the privacy of your data and extend genuine support for our preferred operating system, Linux.


NordVPN excels as a top-notch No-Log verified VPN, combining cutting-edge features and technologies in a single comprehensive package. Notably, it provides robust support for Linux and embraces open-source encryption protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard.

This Cyber Monday, seize the opportunity to save up to 68% on NordVPN plans and enjoy an additional three months for free.

{getButton} $text={Get NordVPN – Up to 69% Off + 3 EXTRA months!} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

Uncover a wealth of insights and detailed analysis by exploring my comprehensive review of NordVPN.{alertWarning}


Surfshark, an exceptional VPN option, provides unique features like unlimited device connections, a strict no-log policy, and CleanWeb for ad and malware blocking. 

This Cyber Monday, enjoy a remarkable discount of up to 80% OFF, plus up to 5 months FREE. With support for Linux and cutting-edge encryption protocols, Surfshark ensures a secure online experience.

{getButton} $text={Get Surfshark – Up to 80% Off + 5 EXTRA months!} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}


In today's digital landscape, email plays a pivotal role in our lives. Major companies vie for supremacy by offering email services with diverse features, often at no cost. 

However, it's crucial to recognize that in such cases, your data becomes the commodity. This underscores the importance of seeking open-source alternatives that prioritize data privacy, even if they come at a cost. 

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, these occasions present an unmissable opportunity to acquire such services at affordable prices.

Proton Mail

ProtonMail, celebrated for its commitment to privacy and encrypted communication, stands out as a beacon in the world of secure email services. 

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, seize the chance to fortify your digital communication with ProtonMail at an exclusive 33% discount. Elevate your email experience with robust encryption and unwavering dedication to user privacy.

{getButton} $text={Elevate your email experience with Proton Mail – 33% Off} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

Linux Cources & Certifications

Linux is not just about hardware and software; it is also a realm of continuous learning and skill development. 

That's why Linux courses and certifications receive special attention during every Black Friday/ Cyber Monday season.

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation, a non-profit consortium committed to supporting Linux and advancing open-source technologies, is the official sponsor of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. 

With a focus on fostering community growth, the Foundation offers high-quality services, including an online training and certification program led by Linux community leaders. 

This Cyber Monday, seize the opportunity with discounts of up to 65% on Linux certifications, courses, bundles, and training programs. Elevate your expertise in the realm of open-source technologies at unbeatable prices.

{getButton} $text={Elevate your expertise – Up to 65% Off} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

Bonus: Extra Deals Worth Checking Out

  • OnePlus: Save Up to 50% Off

{getButton} $text={Get The Deal – Up to 50% Off} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

  • JrTrack 3 Kids Smart Watch: Save Up to 50% Off

{getButton} $text={Get The Deal – Up to 50% Off} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

  • Blackview Rugged Smartphone & Tablets: Save Up to 46% Off

{getButton} $text={Get The Deal – Up to 46% Off} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

  • EXO Drones: Save up to $190 on Mini

{getButton} $text={Get The Deal – Up to 190 USD Off} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

  • Parallels (Run Windows on any Mac): Save Up to 25% Off

{getButton} $text={Get The Deal – Up to 190 USD Off} $icon={cart} $color={#0068bf}

🗨What Linux deals are you most excited to explore this Black Friday and Cyber Monday season?

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