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myTUXEDO, a Nextcloud based storage offered with TUXEDO devices

myTUXEDO, a Nextcloud based storage offered with TUXEDO devices
TUXEDOComputers delivers plenty of free services and products with their Linux hardware, including but not limited to TUXEDO OS, TUXEDO Control Center, and myTUXEDO cloud storage.

This article is sponsored by TUXEDOComputers, a German company that produces Linux hardware, notebooks, computers, and more. Always and forever, all ideas and opinions on this website are wholly mine, as my values are not for sale. To learn more, read our Code of Ethics.{alertInfo}

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What is myTUXEDO?

myTUXEDO is an open-source Nextcloud-based cloud storage service developed by TUXEDOComputers. It has a dozen of productivity and security features, the most important of which are:
  • LUKS-encrypted storage (256bit key).
  • Decentralized GPG-encrypted backups.
  • SSL-encrypted connection and data transfer.
  • Cross-platform sync/access client (Linux, Mac, Windows, Android & iOS).
myTUXEDO cross-platform sync/access client
myTUXEDO security options
  • File versioning and advanced file-sharing options (password-protected link, expiration date, note, etc.).
myTUXEDO's file-sharing features
  • Activity tracking and permissions control.
  • Built-in document/media viewer (image, video, pdf, etc.).
  • Integrated virus scanner (ClamAV) on the server side.
  • RAID implementation (for high availability and high performance).
  • Appointment planner with integrated calendar, task management, and address book.
myTUXEDO appointment planner
  • WebDAV, CalDAV, and CardDAV protocols support.
  • 30-day recycle bin (up to 50% of storage space).

How to get myTUXEDO?

When you buy a TUXEDO device, you get myTUXEDO registration code affixed to the last page of the manual. You use the reg-code at account creation on myTUXEDO web portal to get 10GB of free storage forever (If you buy more than one device, you can use the codes to expand the space).
myTUXEDO registration
You can access and manage your cloud storage (upload, download, delete, etc.) via the official Web app or the Nextcloud app on your desktop or mobile device.
Access and manage myTUXEDO storage via the Nextcloud app
🗨What is your favorite cloud storage service? What do you think of myTUXEDO?

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